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Building a kubernetes homelab with Raspberry Pi and Lego: Table of contents

For years I've been using Raspberry Pi's to do in home automation. One of the major constraints was maintenance, if one goes down I have to look at it while things are down. This made running Home Assistant less than ideal. After working with Kubernetes for a few years I decided to bring it into my home permanently. But with a challenge, by using Lego. During the Pandemic we got back into building Lego and this is a way for me to bring my Lego skills to the next level.

The post is probably the most boring one as it is the table of contents. However, it will be updated every time a new post is published. Also, posts won't be written in a logical order but more in order of the things that are already done. As such the "Home Assistant" post will come before the "Node Software set up" post because the former can be done again without changes or data loss due to the "Terraform" and "Storage" posts.

Kubernetes Lego Cluster


  • TerraForm
  • Node autoscaling


  • Switch
  • Configuration

Supportive hardware


  • Power
  • Storage
  • Kubernetes


  • MoC base plating
  • Node enclosure
  • MoC Theme
  • Cable management


  • GitHub Actions Runners
  • Home Assistant & Node Red
  • RabbitMQ