Run GrumPHP git hooks within Vagrant

A couple of weeks back while attending AmsterdamPHPMike Chernev gave a talk about GrumPHP. Very cool looking tool, but during implementation I found out it the default setup assumes running grumphp on the same machine (whether that is a VM or iron) as committing. That is a problem in my set up where all PHP related code runs in vagrant and comitting on the host using PHPStorm. Lets fix that.

GrumPHP from grumpy to happy

Running GrumPHP within vagrant from the host is just a matter of appending the --command argument to vagrant ssh:

vagrant ssh --command "./vendor/bin/grumphp run"

And creating the following git hooks needed to do the full GrumPHP within vagrant instead of the host machine. Took a little bit of research into to turn the stock hooks into ones that run everything within vagrant. (Note that your path might vary, and that these hooks are my initial proof of concept hooks.)



GIT_USER=$(git config user.name)
GIT_EMAIL=$(git config user.email)

vagrant ssh --command "./vendor/bin/grumphp git:commit-msg '--git-user=$GIT_USER' '--git-email=$GIT_EMAIL' '$COMMIT_MSG_FILE'"


vagrant ssh --command "./vendor/bin/grumphp git:pre-commit --skip-success-output"

But getting GrumPHP to install those hooks during install (grumphp git:init) required a relatively small change in the code. After some digging around in the code, I crafted a PR that adds the posibility to overwrite the default git hook template location.

With that PR tagged in 0.9.1 you can now drop the above hooks (titles are the filenames) in a dedicated folder it to your grumphp.yml. Lets say your folder is ./config/grumphp/hooks/ the config looks like this using the hooks_dir parameter:

  hooks_dir: ./config/grumphp/hooks/

But wait it gets better

During the course of the PR the idea came up to not only make the hooks directory configuratable but to also include the vagrant hooks. That resulted in two presets: local and vagrant. The default preset is local while you can set vagrant using the hooks_preset This should make it even easier to use GrumPHP as your code quality tool when using vagrant.

In your YAML set the hooks_preset to vagrant instead of local and hooks for running everything inside vagrant are used instead. (Note that these are more sophisticated hooks then mine earlier in this post.)

  hooks_preset: vagrant


To make the vagrant setup work correctly you have to ensure GrumPHP has access to your .git directory. This can be set using the git_dir parameter. Also you might have to add cd /your/project to your .bashrc. (See the documentation for hooks_preset on that.) And finally vagrant has to be running, otherwise vagrant ssh will fail with an error.


Toon did a lot of great work ensuring that the hooks_presets work on most systems. The hooks_dir gives you a way to costumize your hooks when the hooks_preset doesn't work out in your environment. The time it takes to login and run grumphp over just running grumphp locally is negligible. So if your project runs on vagrant using GrumPHP just got easier.

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