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Moving From WordPress to Octopress

WordPress has become an increasingly uninteresting platform to blog on. recently I've fallen in love with the simplicity and robustness of markdown files. Though WordPress has several plugins doing markdown @Ceeram and @kvz pointed me to Octopress. It builds on the simplicity of markdown files and utilizing Jekyll creating a rocksolid blogging platform. (Heck Github uses it for github pages so it can't be wrong!)


  • Static files, no wasted CPU clycles for something that doesn't change often.
  • CDN ready
  • Easy extensible with either existing plugins or building your own


  • Setting it up requires more time and especially my setup (private git repo's deploying it to AWS S3 serving it over AWS CloudFront).
  • Not that many plugins compared to WordPress, there is a 3rd party plugin list on Github.


Overall I'm happy with the migration. It's become simpler, interesting and fun to blog again. Will post some followup posts describing certain details I couldn't find on the net.

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