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Keeping your Disqus comments migrating from WordPress to Octopress

When migrating to Octopress I wanted to make sure the comments would follow me from WordPress. Since Disqus is build into Octopress it requires near-zero setup time, but when taking your precious comments with you it gets slightly harder, just a bit. To export my post from WordPress I've used exitwp by Thomas Frössman. It does a brilliant job exporting the posts (though I had some issues with custom markup code) and metadata. Most importantly the wordpress_id field, we'll be needing that.


Open source/_includes/disqus.html and find:

And replace that with:

And replace with:


In my experience the disqus.html changes are instant while the article.html changes take some time to work their way through the system. Not sure why to be honest. How ever after that time everything migrated with you and your readers can be happy their comments didn't go to waste.

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