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Thoughts on psr/log versions

One of the things that came up while upgrading packages is PSR-3's new v2 and v3 releases. They add type hints to methods and return type hints. For packages implementing this means that they can't support all 3 versions. For packages only consuming psr/log all 3 versions can be used as you don't have to build classes on them.

However, for packages implementing PSR-3 this suddenly became more complex. All of a sudden you need 3 major versions if you want to support all PSR-3 versions. For a package that only implements PSR-3 this isn't so much of an issue, but when the implementation is embedded inside another package you all of a sudden reach dependency hell. And one thing I learned while upgrading my packages is how deep our dependency on psr/log goes these days.

The mistake I've made with at least one PR in the past few weeks is miss that a consumer of psr/log is also an implementer, and I missed that. So now I get to get back and make a new PR resolving that mess I introduced.

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