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ReactPHP: Shout out

The past few weeks have been really tiring for me. So I'm taking a break this week from the usual posts in this series. Instead I'm doing a shout out to people who are working hard on getting ReactPHP in the picture or building awesome things with it.

Here is to all the people in this post and any I forgot for helping shape a more async PHP!

Igor (igorw) & Chris (cboden)

Both Chris and Igor stood at the birth of what would evolve into ReactPHP. Initially Chris started working on Rachet before Igor's ReactPHP project a couple of years ago. These days they are both project owners & overseers of ReactPHP.

Christian a.k.a. Clue

Christian Lück is building a lot of small network related packages. Such as a SSDP package (UPnP), an Asterisk Manager Interface, a Server-Sent Events server, a multicast DNS, even a package for UPD multicast. Christian also lends a hand in a lot of code reviews on the ReactPHP repo's.

Christopher a.k.a. assertchris

Christopher has been doing a great job giving talks in various places. Haven't seen a lot of his code work yet but will definitely keep an eye on what he comes up with!

Recoil & icicle.io

RecoilPHP (by James) & icicle.io (by Aaron) are two packages dealing with coroutines in PHP. Nikita wrote a blog post on the subject back in 2012 which is well worth checking out!

Daniel a.k.a. rdlowrey

Daniel among things wrote two RFC's (both accepted), Generator Return Expressions and Generator Delegation, at least one of those will help aid progress PHP into more async support.

Michael a.k.a. mtdowling

While not technically working with ReactPHP (AFAIK) Michael the author of Guzzle. And with Guzzle's v5 release it supports promises (called futures within Guzzle). That is a major step forward in supporting both sync and async code styles and I would love to see other package owners made a similar more when it's appropriate.

Many others

There are more others out there doing awesome things with ReactPHP. I can't name everyone in one post but these are some of the first that come to mind when talking about ReactPHP.

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