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Picking a fun reverse DNS IPv6 address for IRSSI

The otherday I was looking for a cool IPv6 address to use with IRSSI as reverse DNS. (A Pingdom article inspired me.) The old one was a numeric IPv6 representation of the server running it so it had to be something more fun and cool :). So with some other people (my girlfriend (for some reason she came op with b00b :P), Thor and some random Google searches helped me putting together a simple list

  • :face:b00c (Facebook)
  • :tac0:be11 (Taco Bell)
  • :101 (lol)
  • :f00d (food)
  • :beef (beef)
  • :10ad (load)
  • :de11 (Dell)
  • :dead (dead)
  • :b00b (boob)
  • :51e7 (slet)
  • :c0de (code)
  • :bee2 (beer)
  • :babe (babe)
  • :abba (ABBA)
  • :a11:baba (Ali Baba)
  • :ca75 (cats)
  • :d09s (dogs)

Picked :101:ca75 (LOL Cats) as new IPv6 to use :). Now I'm off figuring out  fun addresses  for WyriMaps and WoW-Screenshot content subdomains ;).

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